Philips in Nederland - Philips in the Netherlands - Bert Tip


Second fully revised edition 2023

Hardcover, 230 x 270 mm, full color, 624 pages. Over 550 unique photographs and illustrations.

Publisher:              Lecturis Eindhoven

Graphic design:   Nika Grafische Vormgeving 

ISBN:                        978 94 6226 480 9

With extra chapters (including the creation of the artwork for Gerard Philips) and a new chapter with more than 250 new and unique photographs.


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First edition 2020. Sold out!

Hardcover, 23.5 x 27 cm, full color, 472 pages. Over 300 unique photographs and illustrations.

Publisher:              Kimabo-Zaltbommel

Graphic Design:  Nika Grafische Vormgeving 

ISBN:                        978-94-90920-11-1