Due to the large amount of publicity, the book sold out quickly and is now only limited available at some bookstores, in particular at Van Piere Bookstore in Eindhoven, in the shop of the Philips Museum and for Philips employees in the Philips My Shop in Eindhoven.

Not able to visit the Philips Museum? The book can also be shipped. to you. Please send an email to: petra.jongejan@philips.com


A reprint will be considered if there are enough registrations.


However, the book 'Philips Best, from hidden gem to crown jewel' - by the same author - is still available in a limited edition. Only in Dutch.

The price of this book is € 34.50 including VAT.

Shipping is temporarily free!

Please fill out the form below for ordering this book and/or registration for a reprint of Philips in the Netherlands


Sold out online!



Still available